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Client Feedback

Margaret May Lee

Margaret May Lee's client say:

Great service - for finding the flat, negotiating, and post negotiation (helping in few minor things, but that are important).

Valery Thiriaux

Margaret May Lee

Margaret May Lee's client say:

May is very effective and approachable. She builds rapport quickly with the parties and is able to close expectation gaps efficiently. I highly recommend May.

Lambda Son Li Wai Lim

Elle Tam

Elle Tam's client say:

This is my second time working with Elle. Her level of reliable service, attentiveness, and diligence well demonstrate the standard of professionalism! I genuinely appreciate Elle's partnership in securing my #2 dream happy home for my family and me. Thank you for everything again. I highly recommend!

TAM, Yin In Michelle

Michelle Tam (very happy tenant!)

Robert Park

Robert Park's client say:

It has been a unique experience finding a suitable apartment in Hong Kong while being in Europe in pandemic times. I came across Proway online and received a prompt reply from the agent Robert Park. It has been a cooperation with a teamwork spirit from then onwards. Robert has created an atmosphere of mutual trust and has been forthcoming with all relevant information, and was able to reply to all queries despite the inconvenient time difference promptly. He has not only succeeded in finding a great apartment but has, with his professional and polite enthusiasm exceeded all expectations. He is a great ambassador for Proway in Hong Kong. It has been a pleasure working with him. I have since moved to my apartment, and Robert has extended his professional service to establish excellent communication with the building management and services. In addition, he initialized the entirety of administrative steps as, e.g. internet provider and electricity and has been following up regularly. Robert provides a premium service.


Melissa Rura

Melissa Rura's client say:

Overall, very positive experience. Melissa is friendly and was able to provide valuable local insights.

Marco Antonio Lim Bravo

Yvonne Lee

Yvonne Lee's client say:

Yvonne is a very good agent. She pays attention to details and follows up on cases very closely. She is able to gain trust from clients because of her attitude.

Mr Liu

Yvonne Lee

Yvonne Lee's client say:

I had such a positive experience with Proway and my real estate agent from Proway. Upon my arrival in Hong Kong, I emailed all four of the agents my school suggested (I'm a teacher), and Yvonne Lee from Proway emailed me back right away. I was so impressed with her professionalism and attentiveness. She sent me her company website, where I was able to browse different apartment options and email her back with my selections. She made a few other apartment recommendations, and then we met the next day. When I met her the next day, she had prepared a spiral notebook with a summary of all the apartments we were going to see that day. She also arranged for the company car to drive me to the different apartments. On another day where the company van wasn't available, when the distance between apartments was further, she sprung for a cab and didn't ask me to pay for it. With Yvonne I felt comfortable, reassured and well taken care of.

Bonnie Lui Jan-yu

Ian Cheng

Ian Cheng's client say:

Ian has been thorough and professional, hope the tenant couple will prove themselves worthy of my place.

Mr & Mrs Lee

Joe Tang

Joe Tang's client say:

Very good service

Ms. Erica Leung

Margaret May Lee

Margaret May Lee's client say:

Margaret did a really great job in helping us find our new apartment. She fully understood what we wanted and found us a place that we are delighted. She didn't try and show us flats for the sake of it (as past agents have), and she assisted with asking price negotiations. I would recommend her services to others!

Simon Parfitt